Alice Martin, the daughter of John R. Martin, a Cavalry Drill Officer, has always been interested in horses. In order to remove her from the first horse she was ever put on, her father was forced to cut the horse's mane, because her 18-month-old grip was too tight. Alice's first taste of dressage, up close and personal, came in 1969 when she saw an exhibition by Chuck Grant and talked to him after the performance. Alice stayed at Grant's Shine-a-Bit Farm, Brighton, MI in the summer of 1970 riding eight to ten hours a day.

Alice continued her instructor/student relationship with him for many years afterwards. Since then Alice has won innumerable awards, both individual horse and trainer awards, in addition to the USDF Bronze and Silver Medals. Besides the tutelage of the late Chuck Grant (the father of American Dressage), she studied on a continuing basis with Violet Hopkins, Pamela Fitzwilliams, Sally Swift, Hubert Rohrer, Gerhard Politz and Col. Christian Carde.




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